What My Clients Say:


Rebecca Jhonston (Manager People and Culture –
N E Water)

pasted-imageI approached Corix Services to develop and run our Coordinators Leadership program. The program that Sue developed was aligned to our Leadership Model and ran for 10 months with two sessions conducted every month. The feedback that we received back from the participants has been very positive. They stated that the program was very relevant, interactive and they each gained new skills that they have been able to apply in their positions.

I have been very impressed with Sue and the program that she delivered. Sue is very easy to deal with and great at connecting with our  Coordinators. I would recommend Corix Services to any organisation wanting to develop their leaders or offering coaching. We will certainly use Sue again when   the need arises.


Senior Partner in a Regional SME

“My company contracted Sue to coach one of the senior members of staff who was experiencing difficult relations with other members of the team. It had been an ongoing problem for some time and we had tried a number of approaches without success. With Sue’s intervention in working with this manager over a three month period the situation turned right around. Morale is the highest it has ever been and we are finding the team is working as it should. “


Christine Fulthorpe (Care Manager UPA Aged Care Wagga)

upa_logo‘My professional coaching sessions with Corix Services have been very inspirational and have assisted with my development as a Care Manager.  The tools Sue provided me are very relevant in todays business world.  I really encourage anyone to take up  coaching who either want to further develop or refine their professional skills. ”


Ben Armstrong (Agriculture Manager)


Sue helped me  by helping me to become more self aware of what my effect my words and actions have on the people that work for and with me.
The result was  I now take a lot more care in how I message things to everyone, and also take better care of myself.
One thing I liked about her approach was Sue put things in a way that I could understand then backed it all up with real statistics and examples, she is also a great person just to have a yarn to!

I found the experience enlightening and challenging, it was great to  recognise that the job I have has times of high pressure and the need to release that pressure is good for everyone and makes for a better work place for us all.

I would recommend Corix Services to anyone who has a job where at times they feel like they are “drowning” and not sure how to get out. The one on one follow up sessions were great because I could bring real world issues that I was struggling with and get great advice and coaching from Sue

Pat Giddings CEO RVTS (Albury)

logoOur business has benefited from Sue’s expertise for making everyone feel comfortable throughout the process. Trust building was paramount for Sue to be effective as an external consultant working with all of us, and she is someone who communicates authentically, sensitively and professionally and earns trust easily to achieve results.

As a result of Sue working with us to improve team dynamics, interpersonal communication, breakdown ‘ silos’, develop management and leadership skills and self-awareness, our team members report improved engagement and communication across the organisation.”

Jane Harris (Director) Leadiversity

image003“Sue has been engaged by LEADiversity to provide coaching services to our corporate clients. We have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with such a skilled and professional business coach. The feedback from those that have worked directly with Sue to enhance their leadership skills and business performance has been very positive. Her supportive nature combined with a commitment to accountability has resulted in tangible results for our clients.”

Geoff Corby (Manager Biosecurity and Emergency Services) Murray Local Land Services



“I have enjoyed and benefitted from my leadership coaching experience. Sue is a pleasure to work with and her methods allow you to draw out solutions from your own traits and experience but on the odd occasion it doesn’t Sue will provide suggested solutions to any challenges you may be dealing with.”

Fleur Kipper Senior (Occupational Therapist) Konekt

logo konekt“I feel the local culture has improved since Sue’s intervention– it appears much more supportive, transparent, friendly and a better balance between work and enjoyment, the branch is receiving rewards for doing a great job and celebrating success”


Jo Whitehead (General Manager) MP Personnel


MP_logo“During 2012 Sue delivered accredited training in the Diploma of Management to approximately 60 supervisors and managers through 2012 for MP. The feedback from each class was always indicative of Sue’s ability as a high quality facilitator. The learners enjoyed dynamic and interesting lessons and Sue was able to impart a lot of her knowledge through discussions and actual examples.”

Prue Martinotti (HR  Manager) Spitwater Australia


“Thanks so much Sue for assisting our ex employee recently. I spoke with her last week and she was very happy with the way you worked and with the tools you gave her which is very pleasing. I found her to be optimistic about the future and am confident that something suitable will present itself very soon. Thanks for your excellent assistance with outplacement.”


Mark Grice (Sales & Marketing Manager: Taghleef)




“Taghleef Industries initially approached Corix Services to assist in creating a strong team oriented theme and an environment of challenging activities to launch our 2016 sales conference. Corix’s knowledge of the local region’s venues was of great assistance as many of our participants were from our HO, Manufacturing & Admin Centre in Wodonga.

Sue helped us by being available to personally discuss our needs and also presenting the resources & experience of the Corix Services Team.
One thing I liked about her approach was she soon followed up our opening meeting with a tailored plan for meeting the objectives discussed.
Feedback from all including our international team participants was very favourable and the result enable us to meet the challenges outlined in the following days sales conference with renewed enthusiasm and spirit.

I would recommend Corix Services to people who need to give their organisitional teams an injection of enthusiasm and renewed confidence and belief to achieve the challenges that lay ahead.…..”


Bernie Walker (Engineering  Supervisor: Millform Products)

millform-logo“Sue was appointed by my company as a Management Coach and helped me by coaching me in regards to better ways to look at and respond to difficult people. Sue was able to provide resources specific to my problems. I found the experience to be at first humbling with the 360 feedback but then I found it enjoyable and challenging to change a few things. I would recommend Corix Services to people who need to become more self aware and to expand their insights into a more enjoyable and positive experience of learning people skills. ”

Bartsh (Teacher) Tafe Wangaratta


“Working with Sue has been a great experience.…the process enabled me to freely explore some of the important goals and stumbling blocks in my life. ….. I found the tools Sue suggested were particularly useful in assisting me to see things in a different light and make progress toward the things that really mattered to me.

I would encourage people to take the opportunity to work with Sue and find some new dimensions to themselves and clarity about what it is that they need to do.”



Amanda Moseley(Business Manager: National Wine & Grape Industry Center)

csu-logo_copy“I wanted to share with my team the advantages of the communications Profiling tool,
DISC, as I had previous experience in former employment. I approached Corix Services as they had been recommended. Sue was a great help by providing me with information I needed to explain the Tool to my colleagues and how it can be an effective tool in our workplace. The half day session was scheduled as a “break” during a very demanding two day planning workshop. My expectations of the day were exceeded- Sue is a fantastic facilitator, very knowledgeable and relatable. My enduring memory of the day is how much laughter there was in the room, a great indicator of the level of engagement and enjoyment from the team. The resulting feedback surpassed my expectations. I unhesitatingly recommend Sue Curtis and Corix Services for DISC training and thank Sue for all her efforts both prior to and on the day of the workshop – a truly enjoyable experience.”


Jeanette McLaren, Operations Manager RVTS

logoRVTS staff and I have attended a number of workshops that Sue has facilitated and have found them to be always dynamic and thought provoking. Sue has the ability to  impart her knowledge and vast experience through active and engaging discussions and with the use of humour.


 Jodi O’Connell (Practise Manager )ats

“Sue helped our Administration staff by providing training in the area of customer service and conflict resolution.
Sue’s training equipped our staff with the tools & confidence to face any situation.
I really liked Sue’s down to earth and realistic approach, and found the experience really positive (receiving great feedback from all participants).

Olivia Millgate (Manager Rehabco )(re Workshop)rehabco-logo


“This workshop helped to get me thinking about “me”; what I really want to achieve in life, what drives me, makes me tick! Now I have lots of actions to put into place to make my dream a reality and I can’t wait!!”

Colin McMahon (Manager Business & Finance) Murray Local Land Services

LLS-Murray-logo-rgb-colour-59-px-high  “I recently had the benefit of having Sue Curtis provide me with Leadership coaching. Sue is very insightful and introduced many new techniques to me that will greatly enhance my leadership and time management.
Thank you for your help.”


Louise Humphrey (Director Healthfocus)

“”Thank you Sue in helping Healthfocus with the recruitment of a senior staff member and in reviewing our company’s operations. I am very confident with this process as it has been objective , but not without common sense. All of our staff have also given great feedback about your approach which I feel will hold us in good stead for current and future decisions.
Thanks again.”


Kathleeen Hudson (Area Manager Regional)

logo konekt

Sue was appointed Interim Area Manager with Konekt in Albury. With her  intervention the three offices under her jurisdiction achieved a high performing team with the most revenue achieved in the previous 12 months and with the most placements and referrals. Her style of staff engagement and collaboration resulted in increased productivity, and a general sense of well being and commitment from all staff.”