Building Better Leaders And Teams


A Recent Case Study :


Challenge:  Sue was brought in by the management team because the workplace was not working as it should. Staff were generally not happy, there was conflict between management and staff and morale was low. Management were unsure how to proceed but keen to pursue a resolution.

Solution:  Sue completed a organizational audit. A communication and team development workshop was facilitated, complemented by individual communication style profiling. This led to greater self awareness of behaviors and a team commitment on how to improve future workplace communications and relationships. The company goal was to enhance business operations for greater  job satisfaction and business success.


  •  improved working relationships between management and the team
  • Strategies to improve people management skills and communications
  • Better management practices
  • Improved interpersonal skills with reported greater productivity, less staff turnover and decreased absenteeism.
  • “Its just a better place to work now”

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