Corix Services provides mediation services which are a confidential, impartial and voluntary process with professional experienced and accredited Mediators to facilitate communication and restorative relationships for the parties in dispute. Mediated resolutions work better and last longer than authoritatively imposed resolutions because everyone involved has a stake in the outcome and buys into them. Mediation fosters mutual respect through improved communication, and can mend working relationships even when the parties are extremely hurt and angry.

Virtually any difference that arises in the workplace can benefit from mediation if the parties are willing to deal directly with each other and if the company provides the resources for mediation. These include: interpersonal grievances, bullying allegations, performance deterioration and harassment claims.


Identified benefits include:

Retaining valuable employees
Reducing number of formal grievances raised
Developing a positive organisational culture that focuses on managing and developing people
Reducing sickness absence
Being able to maintain confidentiality

Contact Corix Services for a no obligation confidential discussion to ascertain how best our qualified Consultants can best meet your needs. Our philosophy is to maintain the dignity of all parties involved during the process.