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Improving Communications in Teams

Experience Team Building in a safe, fun, small group environment. Each team member receives their own profile regarding how they best like to interact with others and their preferred way of being supervised. The workshop is conducted over one and a half days off site or on site.

Our coaches use individual and team assessments, to identify common group behaviors, demonstrate gaps in perception and thinking, providing everyone the opportunity to think more openly, and to work together in a manner that creates shared group understanding and increases effectiveness.

What you will learn at a workshop:


  Understand the elements of a High Performing Team

  Understand your individual and team strengths and vulnerabilities

  Develop more effective personal connections with all other team members

  built on greater understanding of each others communication style and strengths

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshop – guides a team through a series of powerful exercises that help team members improve in each of five key fundamentals: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. The Workshop provides team leaders with an in-depth understanding of the model and techniques for applying the theory to help their teams become more cohesive and productive.

The focus is on providing practical tools for improving in each of the five fundamentals. Workshop participants actually take the first steps toward becoming or leading a more highly functioning team.
The model is not complex. It’s easy to understand, and the real behavioural change comes from practice. This training program is highly interactive and creates an environment in which team members can evaluate themselves and their teams to increase effectiveness and satisfaction.



GSI Team Behaviour measurement tool
OCI/ OEI culture diagnostic
Lencioni 5 dysfunctions of a team
Disc communication profiling
Kolbe Connative Strengths Assessment: Assessing team members natural problem solving strengths


Building Work Resilience in Teams


These days we are all under pressure to do more with less, and to work longer and harder. We’re challenged to stay up beat while the work mounts up and demand rises with expectations of increased efficiency, productivity and quality. All that and more, in a world of constant change. In this workshop participants will:

  Develop an understanding of the characteristics of personal resilience in a work setting

  Identify ideas and discuss actual strategies for building resilience that can be incorporated into everyday work routines and approaches

  Understand the leadership actions that support team resilience

  Implement strategies that will boost resilience in work teams

  Gain benchmarked feedback on your personal resilience levels by completing the Resilience at Work Scale

  Develop a tailored resilience building plan for the leader and their teams