Have you ever wanted to have a sounding board, confidante and coach to assist you in your role? I know when I was in business for myself  I would have loved to have had a Leadership Coach to help me see my way through the staff troubles, the marketing challenges and the business development. Now I make Coaching_Binder_-_Fotolia_46721145_XSthis available to businesses .

There are many reasons that an individual might choose to work with a Leadership coach, including but not limited to the following:


 There is something at stake (a challenge, stretch goal or opportunity), and it is urgent, compelling or exciting or all of the above

 There is a gap in knowledge, skills, confidence, or resources
An individual has a style of relating that is ineffective or is not supporting the achievement of one’s personally relevant goals

 Work and life are out of balance, and this is creating unwanted consequences

 There is a need and a desire to be better organized and more self-managing

Coaching typically begins with a personal interview (either face-to-face or by teleconference call or skype) to assess the individual’s current opportunities and challenges, define the scope of the relationship, identify priorities for action, and establish specific desired outcomes. Subsequent coaching sessions may be conducted in person or over the telephone/skype, with each session lasting usually one hour. Coaching engagement  can usually range from 6, 9 or 12 sessions running over a period of 6 – 12 months.

Between scheduled coaching sessions, the individual may be asked to complete specific actions that support the achievement of one’s personally prioritized goals. The results can be life changing!!


  • LSI 1 & 2 360 feedback
  • DISC
  • MBTI
  • EQI 2.0
  • Kolbe Innate operational strengths
  • Conversational Intelligence tools