Transform Organisations

  Measure culture, climate and effectiveness

  Develop a more constructive culture

  Learn constructive behaviours to increase productivity

  Better engagement and recruitment practices

  Manage diversity

  Identify emerging Leaders

Developing Leaders

  One on one coaching

  Incorporate brain friendly strategies to better manage

  Identify management behaviours that are currently not supporting leadership

  Work smarter

  Build workplace resilience

  Develop work/life balance

Developing Teams

  Develop high performance teams

  Enhance team communications

  Build a more collaborative environment

  Develop better cohesion

  Improve problem solving and conflict resolutions skills

  Improve the health and well being of your team

Our programs
Developing High Performance teams
Leadership Coaching
Team Development

Our business has benefited from Sue’s expertise for making everyone feel comfortable throughout the process. Trust building was paramount for Sue to be effective as an external consultant working with all of us,and she is someone who communicates authentically.


I approached Corix Services to develop and run our Coordinators Leadership program. The program that Sue developed was aligned to our Leadership Model and ran for 10 months with two sessions conducted every month. The feedback that we received back from the participants has been very positive. They stated that the program was very relevant, interactive and they each gained new skills that they have been able to apply in their positions.